The Mission: Improve the experiences of young black educators.

the method

Professional Development #ForTheCulture

Young Black Educators aims to provide professional development that is culturally relevant in both content and delivery. We seek to provide development opportunities for teachers of color in urban areas that relates directly to their unique needs and the unique needs of the students we serve. We're tired of sitting in PD's all day & leaving with nothing. This is PD #ForTheCulture.

Support Networks

We understand the importance of community and strong networks. The Young Black Educator's Movement aims to provide young minority teachers with a support system of other young minority teachers in their area. Be on the lookout for YBE events in your area!


As Young Black Educators we aim provide young black educators with access to resources that will improve their professional experiences. We recognize the importance of financial resources, academic/professional resources, and mental health resources in the success of young black educators.

the vision

The vision of the Young Black Educators Movement is that young, educators of color, in urban communities across the country will have improved experiences. Experiences that will cause them to fall deeper in love with the art of educating and continue to work towards equality for all of our nation's youth; even those in communities that are oftentimes forgotten about. We aim to educate, support, and empower. We are #YBETheMovement

the founder

Diamond N. Robinson

Diamond Robinson, hailing from the capital city, Richmond, VA, discovered her love for youth and education at a young age-16 to be exact. Even in high school, she knew that she wanted to commit her life to improving the education experiences of youth everywhere. In 2013, she set off to Hampton University (#TheRealHU) in pursuit of higher education and self-awareness. It was at her Home By The Sea that her love for education and serving others skyrocketed but she also grew to develop a love for project management and entrepreneurship. Upon graduating, Diamond set off to Miami, FL to begin her career in the classroom where she was further exposed to the multitude of discrepancies in the American education system, from this realization #YBETheMovement was born. 


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